Our company name is not a reflection of chutzpah or hype. Our founder, Lloyd Paradiso, has been around from the beginning. He started his practice as an educational consultant before there were such things. In the mid-seventies, after an extensive teaching career at both the secondary and undergraduate level, he formulated a plan to offer a service to families seeking support in their search for viable schooling options. Those early years were spent in learning the ropes. How to read family dynamics and understand adolescent behaviors, how to organize and oversee a business (quickly expanding to include the nation and the world), how to differentiate among schools, colleges and universities by understanding their various cultures and unique personalities and, of paramount importance, how to make friends and develop lasting collegial relationships with the decision-makers in offices of admission and enrollment management, these were among his challenges and successes.

Nowadays, after serving hundreds of satisfied families and seeing many young people maturing into productive adults leading fulfilling lives, he devotes a considerable amount of time and energy giving back to the community from which he gained so much. A frequent speaker, presenter, session leader and professional association chair, Lloyd is a regular presence at educational conferences, workshops and fairs both here and abroad. So, if we refer to ourselves as an “authority”, it is not hubris but recognition of our knowledge, experience and familiarity with this world. If you seek seasoned professionals offering sound advice offered with care and sensitivity, look no further. Few can claim over 30 plus years in this field with unwavering dedication to the highest standards both in ethics and in practice. If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us. It would be our distinct pleasure to introduce to you, The Admissions Authority.